Lately I confess, I have taken up the laborious task of running.

Running to work.

Running to serve.

Running to have “me time.”

Running to prepare dinner.

Running through my nightly devotion.

Running through prayer time.

Running home from the store.

Running here.

Running there.

As I sit and ponder all this running I realize I have even done a few laps around “Martha.”

I’ve found myself in the position where I’m even running from God.

I am no car expert by any means and so bear with me as we stretch our thoughts.

Imagine a car that has some mechanical problem. One issue that can arise is the tailpipe ends up releasing unpleasant emissions. If this issue is not taken care of, what happens is excessive smoke ends up being giving off and in some cases, the car ends up making obnoxious noises. Overtime this car can end up releasing different kinds of smoke. The rule of thumb is, “the darker the smoke is the more serious the problems grows.

My life can end up like that if I’m not careful. Instead of the fragrance of the Holy Spirit being released for all to see, folks around end up receiving nauseating and even stifling fumes. At times, the sounds (words) that I will end up emitting are reflective of a disgruntled and miserable girl.

There is no joy and gladness.

No acts of kindness or words encouragement.

No graciousness or mercy.

No understanding or consideration.

Just plain ole mean Deandra.

When I run from God, I end up running on fumes.

As a product of the manufacturer, it is imperative that I frequently go into His Body Shop for checkout.

I have to seek Him to wash and cleanse me.

I have to go to Him in order to be filled up with gas.

He needs to check my wires and exhaust system.

By avoiding the designated pit stops, parts of me ends up falling apart and at worst, the darkest, reddest fumes are emitted.

Tonight, the Lord is reminding me that choosing to sit at His feet will always be the better part.

I need to stop a moment, come into His service station and get checked out.

I need to refuel with the gasoline of His presence.

I need to be washed by the soap of His Word.

I need to sit and have the Holy Spirit run a diagnostic testing.

The Lord needs to check the proverbial pressures in my tires, the wires and fluid in my system, the effectiveness of my brake pads, the strength of my timing belts…the whole “shebang”.

Are you running unceasingly today?


Get refreshed.

Quit running on fumes.


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