God doesn’t choose perfect people…

My grandmother has “the gift of talk”, as my mom describes. One of her especially favorite topics to discuss is, Prophecy.

Due to the upcoming election, a lot of talk in mainstream has been about the re-election of President Trump. The Evangelical community not to be excluded are also active in sharing their thoughts on this issue almost as much. My grandmother, a lover of world current events and Biblical prophecy, has been gluing herself to any outlet that disseminates this kind of information.

There are times when I have walked by her room and a simple hello to her turns into a “Did you hear about this? Have you seen what is happening in Jerusalem?” As a result of her eagerness to share her good stuff, every now and again I will tiptoe when passing her room – just not to be swept in and fed torrents of information.

On our way to a farm over the weekend, she began sharing with my mom and me about all that she has been seeing in the media on the fulfillment of things that were said then, that are unfolding presently. She shared that many folks prophesied that our current President would have been elected back president in 2016, and many of these voices foresee his re-election in November. In her talk, she even mentioned that one individual went as far back into history to identify that on the day, Mr. Trump was born, the topic of study for the Jewish community was on Trumpets, and that the name Donald means ruler of the world or something like that. Go figure.

As she talked on and on about what she was feeding on, she said something that really got my attention.

“God doesn’t choose perfect people.”

This she said in regards to the choice of President Trump who is being compared to King Cyrus, or is it King Darius? (I was zoning out at this point).

When she said this the wheels in my head began turning and this was the response that left my lips.

There are no perfect people for Him to choose.

I don’t know what her response was after that, I re-entered the caverns of my mind to think and the following is what ensued.

Many of us are quick to harshly critique others when we see them doing a job they either were chosen for and are not doing it up to our standards; or we laugh at them for taking the courage to do a job no one else had the courage to do.

We can be equally swift with rendering a verdict on our own selves as well. We are many times quick to excuse ourselves from doing a duty that is required of us for fear or what others may think of us, or, we shirk responsibilities that we committed to doing in the first place because of what we think of ourselves or how we may feel upon time of execution.

Sadly, we also take the same approach with God. We disqualify ourselves from a task He’s asked us to do and may even go as far as eliminating ourselves from truly hearing His beckons. We also are eager to point out fingers on those He’s using expecting them to walk in perfection – when we are not ourselves.

Like Jonah, we run from the assignment. Like Moses, we come up with excuses to not do the work. Like the Sons of Thunder, we vie for recognition.

Perhaps though, we can take just a small page from my grandmother’s book and simply do what we’re good at (even if others don’t readily appreciate it). 😉 Perhaps too we need to simply heed His call and begin just where we are. He will cleanse. He will sanctify. He will justify.

Each and every one of us has an assignment given to us by our Creator. We also have been blessed with gifts and talents that we are expected to utilize. This week, let us be intentional about availing ourselves to be used by Him.

God is not looking for a perfect (one without flaw) person to be used. He is looking for a man or woman who is willing to avail themselves to His ministry and for His purpose. His desire is that we find our calling, and walk in it. We may not be given a large platform like the President, or a multitude to lead like Brother Moses. We may not even have facts swirling around in our heads like Gram. 😛 But, we do have something and something + God’s approval = a world of difference.

PS: Broken crayons, still can color.


66 thoughts on “God doesn’t choose perfect people…

  1. Thank you for the reminder that God uses imperfect people, Dee. Because, like you said, that’s the only kind of people there are! It’s interesting to note that Jesus reserved his harshest condemnation for the religious bigots who thought they were perfect. May we all be faithful to the light He has given us—no matter how small. Blessings, sister! 🙏

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    1. David, it’s so lovely hearing your thoughts on this. Yes. Yes. Yes. Jesus in truth reserved these comments for “those folks”. What a lovely glimpse into His character! What a marvelous blessing to be a recipient of His grace. Hallelujah!

      Amen to that proclamation! Amen.

      ABBA’s richest blessings to you and yours always 🙏🏽

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  2. So true Dee that God uses imperfect people. May we be faithful with whatever the Lord has placed in our hands and in our path for us to do and also realise that others also are not perfect and may we extend grace to them.
    Blessings sis 💙

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    1. Amen and amen!
      Manu, you have prayed the prayer that never fails. This is certainly His will for our lives – to be faithful and gracious. Hallelujah 🙌🏽
      ABBA’s Shalom be upon you and your household always ❤️

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      1. There is strength in numbers. If more people lived like this the elderly wouldn’t be abandoned to nursing homes. The young won’t struggle alone. All round people would be better off. 😊❤

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    1. I like your prayer request for us to be challenged to use our own broken crayons. There is so much depth in this, Pastor Pete. So much richness even in this simple yet very profound prayer for us all. Thank you.


  3. Thanks, Dee … Every time I see the name of your blog, I smile. Yes, we are not perfect, but we all carry the image of the Perfect One … and that makes us all eternally valuable and what we do has eternal ramifications … You post rocks!

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    1. Heidi – what a lovely compliment! You’ve left a huge smile on my face. I love yours posts too 😘

      Beautiful takeaway from you, we carry the image of the Perfect One. That’s the verse [1 Cor. 15:49] needed to tie the post together. Thank you!

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    1. Absolutely, sis!
      I’m so grateful He is not like man. I love what you said about making use of the worn out. I think of the song that says, “He makes all things beautiful in His time.” 🙌🏽. Have an awesome week, sis.


  4. Yep. You got it. That was a big thing that God had to teach me. It basically boils down to who is God to us. When we shirk away from anything the Father gives us, whether it be because of pride or fear doesn’t matter, we are basically saying to God that He is not Lord over us but we are. Yes, we have a free will and can choose however we want to live but when we use that free will to openly question or dismiss the One who created us, and His infinite wisdom, then we are headed for a world of hurt.

    God created us for a specific purpose. Only when we yield our will to Him will we find that purpose and flow in it. We then will be perfectly fulfilled for He is a great and loving God and whatever He calls us to will bring us great satisfaction and blessing. When we run after trying to be something we are not then we only end up miserable.

    The key to our joy, peace and happiness on this earth is obedience. I know this grates on everyone but it only does so because the early stages of obedience are needed to scrape off our ‘self’ nature. Once we get past that friction we are able to function in the purpose God has set before us and be wonderfully fulfilled, even resisting great opposition from our enemy. For this I can only say that you have to experience it to truly believe it.

    And I read a stat by the Barna Group on Saturday that shocked me. According to their study over 75% of evangelical Christians reject that man is basically sinful. They think man is basically good and may do the odd bad thing. Can you imagine the damage this kind of thinking does? It basically fuels the delusion that we can be without flaw or perfect. Hideous lie. The Bible says that there is only One that is good and that is God.

    May all who read this recognize that we will always be flawed, ‘self’ affected people as long as we dwell on earth. Our only hope is to repent of this ‘self’ before Jesus and throw the entirety of our being upon Him in humility and obedience. Only then will we find true purpose and fulfillment. May this delusion of perfection and control be banished forever from our thoughts as we surrender our lives to Jesus.

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    1. I agree wholeheartedly, obedience is the key. Especially obedience done out of honor and sincerity to truly please ABBA, instead of thinking He can be finagled into doing our bidding. Have mercy, Lord.

      As for the conclusion to that study – how ghastly! If these leaders hold this thought and are passing it on to gullible, unrepentant and unsuspecting congregants, the resulting state is dismal. May we not continue in sin so that grace may abound. May we be like the Bereans who diligently searched the scriptures.

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  5. Thanks Sis. I absolutely loved this. The Lord has certainly been dealing with in the area of calling. I am so glad He doesn’t choose perfect people for if He did, I would not have a chance. This really encouraged me.

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    1. Oh you’re so welcome, beloved.
      We both would be in the same boat where being chosen is concerned. I’m glad you are being reminded today to heed the call. ABBA’s Shalom to you always.

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  6. Sunday evening, our preacher started a new sermon series on Hosea. God told Hosea to marry a prostitute! How’s that for a “calling?” The Bible says, “So he went!” God uses imperfect people and not so-perfect situations to bring about His will! God bless you, Dee❤️

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  7. Lately I have been thinking about Samson. Talk about an unlikely choice for God’s anointing! Obedient? Hardly. Godly? No way. Used by God? Yes. Go figure. Samson possibly held a world record for bad choices, and paid dearly for it. But God carried out His plan anyway.

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  8. Your Grandma sounds a bit like my eldest son. I love her (in smaller doses sometimes) but can’t always concentrate on all the knowledge they want to pour out. 😀 I love the truth that God only has imperfect people to choose from – that puts a healthy perspective on things! Thank you. x

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    1. It’s so nice to know I’m not alone in the low capacity department, especially where an excess amount of a subject is concerned 😉

      It’s even better when we have the right, biblical perspective. I’m reminded of John 3:16, a verse we all can quote from memory, but seldom understand truly from our souls. ABBA’s richest blessings to you always 🙏🏽

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  9. Your Gram and my mom would get along with their love of prophecy. I love the quote at the end. None of us are perfect, but thankfully we have the Lord to empower us and help us to accomplish His good purposes.

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  10. I’ve been hearing and looking into a lot of what your grandmother has shared. Its definitely quite fascinating and so much leads me back to God’s Word. I’ve been fascinated with the revival movements and these prophetic voices. God is ultimately calling us to himself and can use anyone for his purposes! A great post!

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    1. Amber, it’s so lovely seeing your heart print today. I agree, it is indeed fascinating to hear of all that is being revealed. I’m so thankful that much of it has led you back to ABBA’s word. I’m also thankful too, that I’m our generation, we are hearing the herald sound calling us back to the One who loved us best.

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  11. Dee, I like how this post developed and grew from the opening sentence to “broken crayons can still color.” We are overwhelmed with information and everyone espousing their personal theories. I like that you offer a biblical perspective to the noise around us. Good post! Blessings.

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  12. Beautiful and inspiring post, Dee. I appreciate all of the reminders mentioned. You made me laugh too. I can relate to tuning out when certain people in my life get very very chatty, then picking up on certain things. Bless you. Keep keepin on. It’s not an easy year, but we have a good God.

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    1. Lol, I’m glad I’m not the only tuner around here. 😂

      Indeed, in spite of the unprecedented changes and challenges of 2020, our God is good 🙌🏽

      Love to you always 💕

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  13. Great post, Deandra. I especially like your statement that there is no perfect people for God to choose. You are so right. God will use anybody who makes themselves available to Him. Blessings.

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    1. Hey Beverly, it’s so lovely hearing from you 😀 I’m happy that He doesn’t look for perfect people too. Let’s continue to avail ourselves to Him wholly. ABBA’s blessings to you always 🙏🏽


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