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At the start of this year, I challenged myself each morning to not only spend time in morning devotions with Abba, but to also write something He was teaching me. So far, it has been challenging. This morning for example, I woke up later than usual and because of an unpleasant dream, I did not wake up feeling restful or even motivated to have any kind of devotion.

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What I have just described, is important to me and does have merit. But in the grand scheme of things, it fades in comparison to the commitment made to spend time with God in worship and through writing. He is unchanging and certainly deserves my focus, attention and gratitude. He also is worthy of me keeping my promises to Him – whether I feel up to it or not.

So, I will continue each day to stick to the commitment I made to Him. In fact, this is a win win situation. How can I lose if I take the time to offer praise and adoration by intentionally focusing on the only One who is worthy of it all?

God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.2 Timothy 1:7.

Question for ponder: Have you ever stuck with something and in the end, was glad you did?


23 thoughts on “Stick to it

  1. Such a great message and verse. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m pondering your question at the end. Hmmm… in the past I have always had a really bad habit of not finishing things. Usually fear or doubt would stop me in my tracks. Not giving up on friendships would be something I am glad that I’ve seen through. They take cultivating, but they give back. The good ones do. The ones that stick it out through thick and thin always give back. That’s a really good reminder for everything we start. Seeing it through will give back eventually. ❤ Thanks so much fellow Scribbler. Needed that motivation and inspiration. ❤ Be blessed and keep scribbling. I shall too. ☺

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      Do you hear the excitement in my voice? LOL
      You hit a nail on the head with friendships – they can be such hard work – the good ones anyways. When we stick it through though, the benefits we reap are so lovely!
      Abba’s Shalom be yours always ❤❤❤

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  2. I’m always glad when I have stuck to my commitments and I usually see everything I start through to the end – it is not always a good idea, but only occasionally do I see something through and think “that was a waste of time!” I think of one fat book I read to the end and a film that I was sure would redeem itself in the end… otherwise, I’m always pleased, even if only that I managed to do it today. My problem is when it’s MY good idea and not God’s – and I can fill my day with worthy commitments that were not mine to do! Devotion/prayer time is always a good idea for all of us though – as you say, whether we feel like it at the start, or not.

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    1. Dawn. you have given us such a wonderful insight into the type of commitments we foster – are they good ideas and not God ideas? This certainly is worth us bearing in mind whenever we chose to be committed to a task. Thank you, sister.

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