Prayer of Relinquishment


Today I choose to surrender everything to you.

I surrender my will Abba. I have been pulling, tugging, pushing – trying to figure it all out but I stand now in the Garden of Gethsemane and I say “No longer my will Abba, thine be done.”

Lord, the bills are due – but You already know this. There are no other part time jobs I can get, the full time job I have can only go so far – I say Abba, I trust You to part the Red Sea as You did with Moses. I also know You to be the “Great Provider” so Father, I surrender my worries and accept Your peace.

Lord, the car is acting up – the check engine light is on. I’m no mechanic Lord but You made the mechanics and so You know how they designed cars to function. I also know You are not limited to making “humans” work so Father, I lift the car to You.

I also lay my grandmother at the altar. She has been having strange pains all over her body. The doctors are unable to give a diagnosis. The churches she visit are not able to “heal” her. I know You are the only Healer Father. In fact, Your Word describes You as being the “Great Physician.” So, I ask that You view her body and speak to her mind.

I lift my parents to You Lord. It’s been a rough couple of years all around. At times it feels as though they are tossed to and fro on every side. They carry the burden of taking care of each other, of their children, their grandchild, siblings, parents…Father, their list can go on. I ask that You would restore to them Your joy and all the other things which looking on, were forcefully removed from their hands.

I offer my boy to You. Lord, He is Your boy too. You know his ins and outs, his ups and downs. You are able to communicate with him in ways no one else can. Speak to his heart and show him the blessings he can have when it beats solely for You.

My sleep Lord, I feel as though it is completely off balance. Subconsciously, I’m up budgeting, planning, trying to figure it all out. Oh Abba, my job is to trust in You. To lay it at Your feet. Your Word reminds me that I can lay down in peace, for You O Lord will keep me safe (Psalm 4:8). That word safe Father, doesn’t speak to only physical attacks by burglars, but attacks from every angle. Keep me safe from the darts of the enemy. May I rest in You.

Lord, I give You my friends and their issues. O Lord, they are many. I have no experience being a counselor but You once more show me that You are the Wonderful Counselor. May I consistently point them to You. I am no fixer. I am no restorer. I am only a created being. Creator of all things, I give the burdens of my friends to You.

My mind Lord – oh how it gets full with everything. Father, instead of taking on the mind of Christ, I find that I’m taking on the mind of everything and everyone else. I lay my mind at Your feet Abba. I want to have Your thoughts. I want to have Your mind. I relinquish the cares, the dreams, the desires all to You so I can be infused with You. May this mind become renewed through Your Word. Let’s do an exchange Lord – I offer this mind to You in trust that You will give me Yours.

Father, I give you my blogging community and my blogging plans. Inspire us Father. Grant us the wisdom to share with others who You are and the courage to express what You are doing in our lives. Take away fear and anxiety. Take away jealously and pride. Father, this is a ministerial platform that You have given us. May we not take the job lightly and may we also not take it for granted. Lord, we surrender to You. All of us. The ongoing activities, the lull, the all of it…

We relinquish them all to You today.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.


9 thoughts on “Prayer of Relinquishment

  1. This post has touch me it is so raw with emotion that we are humans feel and we as believers feel!! Praise YahWeh!!
    Yahweh please hear this heart felt prayer in Yahshua’s Name.. Amen
    Comfort, provide, pour out Grace, pour out stillness, pour out Ruach Ha’kodesh to everyone reading this blog and mentioned in this article… provide this circle of believers from all walks of life your love…pour into us love for You, show us how to love like you… show us how to trust like you… remind us to call upon your army Lord of Heavens Armies. In Jesus Name Amen

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  2. Thank you for sharing your prayers, and thank you for including us. I was pleasantly surprised to see that we both focused on prayer today, and both used pictures with water. It is so good to be in the flow with Jesus. I pray that He does abundantly above all you could ever ask or think. Blessings on you, your son, and family; and may all your needs be met according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. ♥

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  3. Yah is awesome! Our wills will agree with His Will after surrender. One way to healing is to guard our conscience so we don’t get too accustomed to making decisions without him. When Ruach Ha’kodesh ( Holy Spirit) speaks to us let us put our listening ears in a place hear and hearts of obedience to Shema Shema (listen carefully). “Do not stifle Holy Spirit” 1 Thessalonians 5:19


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