Prayer for my boy


I lift before You the son of my youth. Lord, before he was conceived in the darkness of my womb, You saw his features and called him wonderful.

You saw his future and called it blessed.

You saw his mind, and called it chosen.

You saw his life, and called it Your own.

Father I pray that You would intimately reveal Yourself to him.

I pray that You would show him Your rich love, Your tender care and the delight You find in His being.

I ask Lord, that he would not be drawn to things of the world, but that he would commit his ways daily to You.

I pray Lord, that to him, You would show Yourself as a loving Father who will never abandon him or leave his soul to Sheol.

Father, I pray that You would keep him from pursuing emptiness because only You can truly satisfy.

May he not chase after:

The emptiness of human wisdom

The emptiness of pleasure

The emptiness of achievement

The emptiness of labor

The emptiness of human condition

The emptiness of accumulation

The emptiness of unshared lives

The emptiness of politics

The emptiness of false worship

The emptiness of wealth

The emptiness of materialism

The emptiness of prosperity

The emptiness of defiance

The emptiness of wickedness

The emptiness of injustice

The emptiness of strength

But Lord, may he seek from You, fullness.

Fullness of purpose

Fullness of balance in You

Fullness of Your justice

Fullness of Your strength

Fullness of being submissive to You

Fullness of the Agape love You give

Fullness of prosperity in You

Fullness of Your presence

Fullness of Your peace

Fullness of Your mercy

Fullness of the community of believers

Fullness of the joy salvation brings

Fullness of the freedom that comes through surrender

Fullness of the message of the cross

Fullness of working with his hands and mind in service to You

Fullness through taking pleasure in Your words

Fullness through finding success in obedience to Your commands

Fullness in finding his identity in You

Fullness that comes only when he enters and stays in relationship with his Maker.

Father, may every generational curse be broken from his life. May not the sins of my past be transmitted to Your son. But through Your Son, Jesus Christ, may he receive pardon and grace.

Thank You for Your unfailing love towards him.

Thank You for Your faithfulness to Him all these years.

Thank You for remembering him, time and time again.

Thank You for the great things You have in store for him.

Thank You for giving him to be, nearly 17 years ago.

Thank You for his heart, his body, his mind.

Thank You for reminding me of Your answers through written prayers to You when he was but a lad.

Thank You for it all, Father.


“For I rescued the poor who cried out for help, and the fatherless child who had no one to support him. The dying blessed me, and I made the widow’s heart rejoice.”

‭‭Job‬ ‭29:12-13‬ ‭CSB‬‬


20 thoughts on “Prayer for my boy

  1. Beautiful prayer for your son! I pray along with you that God would continue to cover his life and bless him abundantly. I believe God has so much in store for him.


  2. What a wholesome prayer of meat and potatoes, salt and seasoning and marinating in deep thoughts… HALLELUJAH for you pressing in on behalf of your offspring!! Love that verse💜💜💜💜💜

    Liked by 1 person

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