A Way of escape

“For surely it is not angels that He helps, but He (Jesus) helps the offspring of Abraham.” Hebrews‬ ‭2:16‬ ‭ESV‬‬

The Lord always provides a way of escape.”

My mother shared this thought with me one evening as we stood tidying the kitchen.

She continued, “Most of the times, it is just that we are not keen in paying attention to what He is doing or take the escape route He has provided.

Somehow, her words of wisdom lodged themselves in my cerebral cortex. Like Mary, I even found myself treasuring and pondering these nuggets in my heart.

Later in the week, Zach suggested that we watch one of his shows while we had dinner. As his mom, I relish these moments, especially when I consider that as a senior in high school, there will be a shift in our dynamics real soon.

Growing up, my parents did not always make room for me to share my interests, especially if it did not line up with the teachings of the Bible. When it came to music and Tv shows that were, um, uncouth per their standards, I would be forbidden to watch or listen either with parents or on my own (though I confess I snuck and did). They seldom provided much explanation on their stance except perhaps their usual response because I said so.

While their decision held great merit, I’ve discovered that in order for me to know what is grabbing Zach’s attention, I need to avail myself to be emerged in his world. By doing this, I can also know how to pray on his behalf and how to gauge our conversations.

At the end of the second episode of his show, we both agreed to resume our watch of the season later on. Unfortunately, curiosity and intrigue got the better of me and I found myself wanting to know what the next episode would reveal. Sadly, my interest caused me to be glued to my screen for two additional episodes.

As I found myself immersed four episodes in, I saw a call coming in from a friend of mine. “Should I pause this show?” I found myself contemplating. As I wrestled with this decision for a few seconds I remembered what my mom had shared a few evenings earlier, The Lord always provides a way of escape.”

I smiled to myself and accepted the call. The diversion to do this did two things for me. I was reminded that this show was not feeding or even nourishing my soul and secondly, that I had committed to a 10pm date with ABBA. Had I continued to watch the show, I would have possibly ended up finishing the season (umpteen more episodes later) and missing that quality time with my Lord. Ouch!

Friends, we all have different temptations that we face on a daily basis. Many times, the temptations do not even appear inherently evil. It could be busyness to the point of exhaustion so that quality time is not spent in prayer. How about sitting reading a wonderful godly book yet neglecting the opportunity to be a friend who gives of their time?

Temptations are varied and come to us in different ways. Because of this, we certainly need to be sensitive to the nudges and promptings of Holy Spirit. We also need to rely on the help that Christ offers to us. We need to be careful to take heed so that we do not sin (or walk in such a lifestyle).

I’m thankful that He understands and is very much familiar with our temptations. I am grateful our Lord had to be made like His brothers in every respect, so that He might become a merciful and faithful high priest in the service of God, to make propitiation for us, His people. I am encouraged that because He suffered when tempted, He is able to help us who are being tempted. (Hebrews‬ ‭2:17-18‬, paraphrased).

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

Thank You Jesus for not only providing a way of escape, but for being THE WAY of escape!


51 thoughts on “A Way of escape

  1. Haha. I can relate. 😀 I can get caught up in a movie series too. Until I tell myself repeatedly that it’s time to get off it and do something else. 🙈

    Grateful the Lord provides us with an escape route. May we be sensitive to this, the more. 🙏

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    1. You’re most welcome.

      I’m sorry you had a hard day yesterday, David. I pray today will be better, and am thankful the Lord is on your side. May ABBA’s


  2. I’m happy I found your post today, {{{Dee}}}. I needed to read this reminder, “…we certainly need to be sensitive to the nudges and promptings of Holy Spirit. ” I am open and listening… May your day be one that is spirit-filled, too ❤

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  3. I can definitely relate. So true that temptations do not have to appear inherently evil and some times they seem good but if it makes us nudge out time with God then it is definitely a distraction.
    This is something we have to be ever aware of because it can be so easy to fall into.
    A much needed reminder Dee 💙🤗.

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    1. Absolutely my sister! That’s the tricky part, they don’t always appear inherently evil. May the Lord grant us wisdom, discernment, and strength through it all.
      ABBA’s shalom to you and your family always ♥️🤗

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  4. Great post Dee. Reminds me of the long arduous journey God led me through to break free from addiction. After training my
    ‘self’ to constantly give in to addictive behavior I felt I could never change. Slowly, over many years however, Jesus showed me that He always has a way of escape. The difficulty lay in recognizing and accepting that path. This was the hardest thing for this former addict.

    For those people who have not battled addiction let me just say these words here are wise and true. We may not find ourselves in the same depths but the nature of falling into a pit happens to all at some point. Knowing that Jesus has made a way of escape and following Him in it are two vastly different things. Unless we learn to accept His path of deliverance we will not benefit from it.

    Temptation still comes, I won’t deny it, but I find now that I seek out that way of escape long before it becomes the brutal slide into addictive behavior. The battles are fierce but very short now with my ‘self’ nature on the losing end. That took time, many, many mistakes and perseverance when I gave up on myself but Jesus didn’t.

    Your post once again confirms this journey I am on. Thank you Dee for these encouraging words.

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    1. Oh you’re welcome, Homer, but it is in your response that I feel I have gained so much strength to press through this journey.

      I love this point you’ve made: “Knowing that Jesus has made a way of escape and following Him in it are two vastly different things.” This is the crux of the matter right here 🙌🏽

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  5. We do have to be careful not to let things get in the way of our time with the Lord, it can happen so easily. Many kids today aren’t nearly as compliant as we were. When our parents spoke we didn’t question it, now kids demand to know why. If it doesn’t make sense to them, they ain’t doing it lol. But that also explains why many of them are falling away from faith in Jesus, it doesn’t make sense to their natural mind. I think we older generation people turned out pretty good though. 😉

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    1. You’ve made really good points, sis.

      It takes faith to trust the Lord, faith to believe and more faith to follow. May the Lord help us to lead by example. May we continue to pray for the heart of the younger generation to be open and receptive to His nudges 🙏🏽

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  6. Thank you for the reminder, Deandra, to be sensitive to the nudges and promptings of Holy Spirit–even when it comes to choosing between good and best–like reading a godly book or helping someone in need. Praise God for his grace to help us make wise choices in our time of need.

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  7. G’day and thanks for sharing Dee, some real good stuff in this post. When the rubber hits the road kind of stuff.

    “The Lord always provides a way of escape” – Amen to that. Amazing how this is true, that he cares so much that he provides way out for us. I loved how you recognised your friends call as intervention. We really do often miss this stuff.

    Lord God, open our eyes so that we can see the exit when we need it most!

    Stay connected to the Vine.

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    1. Amen to the prayer!!

      We want to see the exits. We want to see the ways out. We want to see Jesus 🙏🏽

      Thank you for leaving your heart print today. ABBA’s richest blessings to you.

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  8. Truth! Like you, I’ve been there and can relate. But isn’t it so wonderful that He provides an out? Love what you said about how by entering Zach’s world it gives you insight on how to pray for him. Great word. 😊

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  9. It’s true that he provides a way of escape every time. I relate with this post a lot. And I loved the way you presented the verses too. Thank you for sharing🙂

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  10. I tend to pay attention to those “interruptions”……often they are the better choice than what I was currently doing. Loved this post! I have a son too, and always told him that I will “always” be in your life! We are always MOMS and you never take off that wonderful hat!

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  11. Smiling. My post today was (in part) about Jesus being a merciful High Priest, having faced temptation! No wonder I had a nudge to come over here and see yours. Sending you lots of love, sis. The Father delights in you! (I’m right there with you too, as my oldest is starting her senior year shortly and plans to go away to college in the U.S., so far away!)

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      1. Seriously!! Sometimes my mind wants to wander to the future and worry about how hard it will be to do without her here, but I reel it back and remind myself that He has never failed me yet, has ALWAYS met every one of my needs. I will trust Him!

        So grateful for that love! And you are in mine sis!

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