Made up Mind (Part I)

Theme: Made up Mind (Part I)

I went on the scale this morning and the weight revealed was, well, I think that is my secret for now. My ideal body weight for BMI purposes is 140lbs, which means I need to lose a certain amount of pounds. I am pretty sure this scale’s revelation is not surprising to me. I have lost tabs on the number of times I have resolved to get the weight down, not necessarily to 140, but to what I feel comfortable in. Over time though, I have appeased my fleshly appetite and satisfied my lazy desires. Gluttony for me became a very close companion.

Today though, our theme is about having a made up mind. All it takes is one step, and then, another, and another. Jesus made up His mind to die for me, knowing even beforehand the betrayal and neglect He would get from His friends. He was aware of the intense pain and agony He would have to endure. But, He made up His mind to follow through with the mission. 

I am choosing today to have a made up mind not just about the weight, but also about the wait on whatever it is I am looking for. Will you?

“I have made up my mind to obey your laws forever, no matter what.” Psalms 119:112, CEV

Question for ponder: Have you ever made up your mind to do something and struggled to follow through?


26 thoughts on “Made up Mind (Part I)

  1. Unfortunately, the pandemic has put 10-15 extra pounds on me. Actually, I did it. I kept exercising, but stress ate my way through too much junk food.

    Your piece is very insightful. Step by step almost anything is possible.

    A US Army Chaplain friend of mine used to say, “If you’re willing to stand forever, you won’t have to stand for long.”

    Welcome back, Dee. People need to hear what you have to share— now, more than ever. Blessings

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    1. Aww, you’re such a wonderful source of encouragement, David.

      I praise Abba for you and for causing Him to use me to spur me on for “good works.”

      I love that quote by the chaplain. I need to write it on a sticky note and have it posted at my desk.

      PS: Stress sure has a way to be counterproductive, right 😉

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  2. I appreciate what you wrote about Jesus moving towards the cross. It was a step at a time. This is seen in the scriptures, repeatedly. The following scripture is an example: “When the days drew near for him to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem.” Luke 9:52 Nothing and no one stopped him. He can aid us through the Spirit to do the same.

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  3. “I have made up my mind to obey your laws forever, no matter what.” I love that verse.
    Jesus had made up His mind to go to the cross for us I pray I can set my mind and not waver.
    Blessings sis 💙

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  4. Your plight is mine too…the doctors keep at me to lose weight. Even without them pressuring me I know I would be in better health if I ate better. I bet I could match you with the excuses why I don’t. Your post wisdom is not new but you are right hard to attain when our flesh want to ruin our day with eating wrong. It’s a never ending battle it seems, one I wish I did not have to fight but there it is. Great post.

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    1. Betty, I join you in wishing I didn’t have to fight this cyclic battle. Ugh!

      Let us never give up the fight for better, we will be successful in this venture for sure. 🙏🏽


  5. Looking at a big task, like losing weight, can seem overwhelming. But it is accomplished one day at a time, and sometimes procrastination can help! I remember the man who was a gambling addict, who said “I will probably gamble again … but not today.”
    When thinking about your favorite food, can you tell yourself, “I’d like some of that … maybe tomorrow” rather than grieving that “I’ll never eat doughnuts again!” Then the secret is, just keep procrastinating. 😉

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  6. I often make up my mind full of enthusiasm and resolve, but hours, days, weeks, years into the labour of the commitment and I must say that my enthusiasm is no longer what it once was… I do continue, one step at a time and each step re-motivates me, but I have a short memory. Thank you for the reminder Dee. Unfortunately my brain does not understand the saying by the US Army Chaplain… can you enlighten me?

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  7. Love what you said about Jesus making up His mind to die for us, knowing before hand all that He would have to endure. Yet, He made up His mind to follow through with the mission. It gives us something to chew on when you envision Jesus following through with the mission knowing all that He knew. In answer to your question for ponder: I’ve made up my mind before to do something only to find myself struggling to finish it and usually finding myself back at the beginning waiting to follow through. Great word!

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