Noah’s Ark

In the book of Genesis, we read the story of a man named Noah who obediently heeded the instructions of God in the construction of an ark. For many years this man and his family gathered wood and necessary supplies that became their home for several months.

I can imagine as Noah built this ark how he was mercilessly teased by the observers who were astonished not so much at his insistence on building a huge structure but the reason for the building of this – water falling from the skies. During this time, the only source of un-contained water they knew was known as the dew which occurred overnight and lasted for only a few hours the following morning.

Fast forwarding – The ark has been completely built and Noah and his family along with all types of animals and birds are on board. The door had been securely shut preventing anyone from entering as the flood waters gathered, and anyone from leaving – out of curiosity of frustration.

The occupants of this vessel are “captured” indefinitely (according to their possible thought pattern anyways). They know not when the door will open allowing them to disembark and they have no possible idea if the supplies they have on board will last.

What they do know is Yahweh spoke to Noah and they are being obedient to the leading of their father. They too never experienced water from heaven and I’m sure never had to be cooped up with animals who in confined spaces no doubt have tendencies to want freedom to roam around the land. The birds possibly in cages grow restless as they make attempts to flap their wings hoping their jails will open so that they can soar in the air above.

Have you ever felt like any of the creatures described above? You long to be free yet Providence will not allow it. Yes, you are being sustained but due to a season of waiting there is no escape from the ark of bondage. God may have placed you in a state of restriction where jobs are scarce, finances are running low, personal space has now become shared space and all the luxuries once enjoyed are no where to be seen or experienced.

Like Noah, God may have asked for your total trust and obedience. He may have asked you to move away from your every day life and focus on an assignment that at first was exciting but now is so monotonous. Do you loathe the thought of another day in this “stinking” ark and wish you had some power to open the doors and be free?

I have my friend, and while being on the ark is many a times unbearable I am thankful that at least I am safely tucked away. Sure, I would like the freedom to roam wherever I chose but what is freedom to roam that ends in death compared to freedom to be held in an enclosed space only for a certain time. The Lord desires that we trust Him, with our daily activities and ultimately our lives. We do well to remember He provided the ark to keep Noah and the family safe and their departure from the ark was a new beginning to mankind. They were taught to be caretakers of the animals…and each other. They were taught to be good stewards of the possessions they had and each passing day given another opportunity to be thankful for life.

Find a reason to enjoy the ark friend. The passage during stormy seas are better handled in a closed, warm and secure place given by God, than out in the boisterous oceans with the raging seas.


7 thoughts on “Noah’s Ark

  1. Whew!! “Like Noah, God may have asked for your total trust and obedience. He may have asked you to move away from your every day life and focus on an assignment that at first was exciting but now is so monotonous.”

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