Lately, I’ve been looooooonging for some inspiration from God. I’ve been feeling as though the cup of “good stuff” has been poured empty and the residue is on the verge of being evaporated any minute.

I feel as though my Father is silent and I’m having to press my way through really difficult challenges. What do you do when God seems super silent? What do you do when all the words of encouragement and the times of deep revelations that usually flows in each day are on some kind of slow timer? How do you cope with feeling insecure, and uncertain? What do you do when doubt keeps circling your mind hoping to find a way in your heart and desirous of planting seeds of mischief?

Sadly, I do not have the “right” answers you may want to hear. But, I can tell you that though the inspiration well feel dried up, the Lord is and has not. In fact, during these periods, it is incumbent upon us to trust Him even more. Especially when we don’t feel to. We must make up in our minds to trust Him when He may not seem trustworthy. We must also consider the lessons we’ve gotten during the more “talkative” moments.

Thankfully, though the Teacher may be silent during our testings, we can be confident that He is always present. Accordingly, we have an Advocate who reminds us of past promises. Additionally, our Advocate encourages us to practice the disciplines we began doing when we felt “in-tune”. Disciplines don’t require discipline when we feel right as much as when we feel down and rotten. When all is well it can be easy to join corporate worship, do fasting, meditate…BUT when trials come, it’s a bit more challenging to follow through on our commitments when every part of us is longing for isolation and “vegetation”.

If you’re facing a test – welcome to the club of those who intend on persevering.


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