Thankful Tuesday’s #12 – Grace

Happy Tuesday, wonderful folks.

Today I want to celebrate my fellow scribbler, and sister in Christ, Tina.

I always appreciate Tina’s writing style. Not only do I feel glued to her words when she pens them, but I am amazed at her ability to find different ways to point others to the cross.

This post from Tina resonates with me today because it meets me where I am. Sometimes I am so impatient with myself (and ABBA), that I run ahead of Him. I’m reminded that He welcomes the humble, but resists those who feel they are self sufficient and dare I say, independent of Him. Grace, Tina shares, is acknowledging our need, and accepting the Master’s help.

So today, I join with Tina in encouraging us to breathe, and accept the Lord’s gift of grace.

Thank you, Tina, for continuing to share your heart, and your journey.

Friday morning I felt lost. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a dire kind of lost, more like a “what am I going to do today?” kind of lost. It’s hard when you …



24 thoughts on “Thankful Tuesday’s #12 – Grace

      1. Thank you! ‘Normal’ is coming but not yet. It maybe a few more months. We have the flooring done but a waiting for the rest as the contractors are busy with all the work. FEMA is coming soon to check us out. We didn’t think we qualified for help but we do. Thanks for asking. 😊🌻🧡

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  1. Thank you I needed this. I suffer ugly anger management issues from years of drug abuse. I’m trying to be better. I have found that when I want to explode out in a rage because all of my employees are fools it is very nice to read blogs like this and now I will add Deandra to my list. I am determined to keep it together for once and not cause so much unhappiness.

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    1. Hi Mr. Dunham,
      It’s a pleasure making your acquaintance today.

      I’m so thankful that blogs help to give you an escape and reprieve. I’m sorry that you have a rough time and struggle with your employees. May I keep you in prayer so that each day you receive more and more peace, from the Prince of peace who is able to grant you temperance, joy, and so much more?


  2. Thank you dea. ❤ This got me teary for two reasons. 1. Your words were so full of grace and kindness and two I apparently needed to re-read my own post. Yeah, feel myself getting tired and the mood swinging a bit. It’s easy for me to get so down on myself when that happens. Really need to focus on His grace, and learn to give myself that grace. Some days I feel like I am getting no where fast. Much love and many blessings to you my fellow scribbler and sister in Him. ❤

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    1. Aww, my pleasure my love.

      I definitely understand the need to re-read my own post – with the inspiration sometimes it oozes out before it hits the core of our being.

      Thank you for reminding me now (tonight – again) to really focus on His grace.

      Blessings to you and Andrew ❣️🤗

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  3. I enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing. God’s grace towards us is wonderful and we do need to extend His grace by being patient with ourselves and others. Tina is a blessing!

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