Thankful Tuesday’s (#13) – Thank God For Storms!

Every one of us at some point in time have experienced a storm or two, or even twenty-three that we’ve experienced.

Some storms, may come with some kind of warning, allowing us at least a measure of time to plan and prepare. Other storms come upon us so suddenly that they seem to knock the proverbial wind from out of us.

In today’s post, Joe reminds us that storms of diverse kinds will certainly come our way, however our perspective and attitude towards them will play a pivotal role in how we go through the challenges. We are also encouraged to realize, that regardless of the external (and internal) damage we may endure from a storm, there are ALWAYS lessons we can and should seek to glean. Finally, for those who place their trust in Jesus, storms should always point us to the Lord, not only for His directions, but also to see more of His nature being revealed.

Thank you, Joe for this reminder….and for the many other posts on Lighthouses 😉

“But I wouldn’t know your peace without the hard times or be thankful for relief without the pain. I wouldn’t love the light if it were not for the …

Thank God For Storms!


34 thoughts on “Thankful Tuesday’s (#13) – Thank God For Storms!

    1. Wasn’t it lovely, Renee 😉😀
      I now think of the song…”🎵and I thank God, for the lighthouse, I owe my life to Him…if it wasn’t for the lighthouse, tell me, where would this ship be.”🎶

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