Ugh, them again?

“Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” Proverbs 12:18

It is absolutely necessary for the believer to both give and receive encouragement. It provides strength to the receiver and no doubt gives strength and joy to the one giving it. Encouragement provides rejuvenation, it gives refreshment. Encouragement all in all gives hope. ☺️

Since encouragement gives strength, can it be said that discouragement drains strength yielding to weakness. #selahmoment

Everyone needs a Barnabas in their life yet few people are willing to be Barnabas. Due to pride and the constant crave of the spotlight, not much people care to stay in the background while supporting the person called to go out to the masses. Tell me dear friend, is Barnabas any less than Paul because he didn’t have any books that made it into the cannon. Absolutely not! Both had their roles to play and both played it well. 

Let us find our lane and stay in it. 

Husbands and wives, there’s no need to be competitive with each other. You both have become one flesh and so work as though you are on the same team. Wives, so what if your husband is called to lead the masses? Support him, be right there encouraging him on. Husbands, it is okay if your wife is always called upon to do a certain task. This does not make you inferior! In fact, you should be beaming with joy – it is YOUR wife who has been chosen to bless others.  

Friends, stop being antagonistic of each other. Rejoice with those who  rejoice. Support those who have a load to carry. Be trustworthy. Be a great confidante. The one who stands behind is needed to help and push the one in front. 

Would the President be able to do his job well without secret services? I think not. Knowing he is being guarded allows him to move hither and yonder in ease. Does a child worry when they go out in public? Definitely not. They know daddy’s eyes and hands are only a breath away. 

We all have our roles to play. Let us play them well. If you find you are a “hand”, be the hand and stop envying the feet. If you discover you are the butt, be the best cushion the body can have to sit on. Eyes, your job is to look ahead, stop acting like the ears that have been placed at the side. 

Again, I remind – let us stay in our lane and do our part. Love is patient, kind, does not boast, is not be jealous or filled with envy, keeps no records of wrongs. Love always perseveres.


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