O ye of little faith

Why did thou doubt? I begin by confessing that the last two years of high school as a parent has really been challenging. When Zach was a junior, nearly all our free time went into wrestling activities. We would wake up some weekend mornings at 5am to go to a match. Our bedtimes would be … Continue reading O ye of little faith

Feeling panicked?

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend of mine who shared that due to the pandemic, he believes the country will enter a period of shortage, especially where food supply is concerned. He is not alone in his thinking. In fact, for several months now quite a few people have been sharing that there … Continue reading Feeling panicked?

Does God really know best?

My family and I are fellow Odysseyians (don't know what that means, visit whitsend.org). We listen to Odyssey everyday and for some of us, it's what we play right before we cross the Promised Land of Zees. Last night, we sat around the table listening to the most recent adventure. No, I will not give … Continue reading Does God really know best?