Thankful Tuesday’s (#13) – Thank God For Storms!

Every one of us at some point in time have experienced a storm or two, or even twenty-three that we've experienced. Some storms, may come with some kind of warning, allowing us at least a measure of time to plan and prepare. Other storms come upon us so suddenly that they seem to knock the … Continue reading Thankful Tuesday’s (#13) – Thank God For Storms!

Thankful Tuesday’s #12 – Grace

Happy Tuesday, wonderful folks. Today I want to celebrate my fellow scribbler, and sister in Christ, Tina. I always appreciate Tina's writing style. Not only do I feel glued to her words when she pens them, but I am amazed at her ability to find different ways to point others to the cross. This post … Continue reading Thankful Tuesday’s #12 – Grace

Thankful Tuesday’s #11- Not Abandon

Today, I want to celebrate Eileen. If you have been around WordPress for some time, chances are you will be a recipient of Eileen's generosity in sharing your post or two. She doesn't write a lot, but when she does, it's worth taking note. Today, I want remind us all that we are not forgotten … Continue reading Thankful Tuesday’s #11- Not Abandon

Thankful Tuesday’s (#10)- A Trip Down the Stairs

Today's post comes from David. I enjoy David's writings not just because they are filled with ABBA's truth (which is the best part), but because I'm always reminded of how much I need ABBA, and His Body. For the past three weeks or so, the Lord has been ministering to me from Jeremiah 17:14, especially … Continue reading Thankful Tuesday’s (#10)- A Trip Down the Stairs

Thankful Tuesday’s (#9) Distilling the Body of Christ

There are very few people that I can pinpoint that live their lives according to the scripture in 2 Corinthians 5:7 (we walk by faith and not by sight). Homer and Wanda, are at the top of my life. Their blog, Uncompromising Faith shares with us their continued journey of living a life of faith. … Continue reading Thankful Tuesday’s (#9) Distilling the Body of Christ