Being Flexible

Theme: Being Flexible For the past few days I have been learning that having a made up mind is of great importance. This lesson allowed me to be strengthened through gaining perspective on a very hectic day that I experienced yesterday. In fact, another theme resulted - Being Flexible. In some ways, it lines up … Continue reading Being Flexible

Do you need a reset?

Theme: Do you need a reset? Reset - to adjust, reevaluate, reassess, change, revalue. So far this week, we have looked into what it means to have a made up mind - what it means to  stick to a task until we have seen it to the end. In many cases, this notion or mindset … Continue reading Do you need a reset?

Made up Mind (Part II)

Theme: Made up Mind (Part II) It’s easy at times to come up with an idea that seems “life-changing.” The hard part is putting that idea into effect and making it come to life.  As Christians, when we first heard the call of salvation to follow Christ, it seemed to us good at the time … Continue reading Made up Mind (Part II)