Thankful Tuesday’s (#5) – 31 tips I learned that have improved my life

As her blog name reads, Angel always leaves her readers musing. Today's post contains wonderful tips that she has garnered over the course of her life. Would you believe that nearly all of them if not all I've found relatable? Yes! So go go and check her out. As life goes by, I have realised … Continue reading Thankful Tuesday’s (#5) – 31 tips I learned that have improved my life

Old and Bitter?

“Therefore, if any one is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has passed away, behold, the new has come." 2 Corinthians‬ ‭5:17‬ ‭RSV‬‬ As a personal chef to my family (clears throat), I have found myself overtime experimenting with various dishes and cuisines. It is never my desire to have unhappy faces … Continue reading Old and Bitter?

Thankful Tuesday’s (#4) – Cat’s Ears

Today's post comes from Sally! If you have not visited her...go over to her page and do so. Sally's post are always succinct and carries a great punch. She blogs about various things but guess what, they all point to Jesus - isn't that just great🙌🏾 Do you ever go on prayer walks? It is … Continue reading Thankful Tuesday’s (#4) – Cat’s Ears

Thankful Tuesday’s (#3) -The Lord God Is a Sun

Today's posts comes from Nancy, a wonderful Bible teacher who loves expounding scripture. Nancy's writings are so thought provoking they will many a times cause you to fall on your knees in obeisance to the One who is worthy of every part of our lives. Please. Please. Take a moment to read how Nancy compares … Continue reading Thankful Tuesday’s (#3) -The Lord God Is a Sun

Thankful Tuesday’s (#2) – DEEP calls to DEEP

Today's post comes from a wonderful blogger, Collin or as many call him, G.W. He enjoys writing Haikus and from all his posts, we see evidence that He loves the Lord with all of his heart. There is never a time his posts leave you not considering the glory and worthiness of our Lord. Blessed … Continue reading Thankful Tuesday’s (#2) – DEEP calls to DEEP