Welcome dear friend,

My daily walk is filled with struggles of obedience and surrender to the leadings of my Abba as I fulfill my current purpose of servitude towards my family and friends. 

With each step along my journey, I am given constant opportunities to prove how much I need Christ and am “lifeless” without Him. I am being trained to discern what or better yet, Who is Truth vs what is not. It is my prayer that the lessons shared will bring us closer to each other and ultimately closer to Him.

“I do this thing for God, not for success in the work, or for happiness in my soul or for anything else. I am here for God. Life is grandly simple when the spirit of calculating results and consequences, even spiritual results and consequences, has been left among the things that are behind, when obedience is the only thing that matters, when God Himself, and no mere ‘experience’ is our exceeding great reward.”                                                                                                           ~Lilias Trotter

Join me on this writing adventure as we drink deeply of Jesus and become liberated by the power of His resurrection while experiencing the fellowship His suffering brings. Oh the joy that awaits us as we become transformed into His image ~ Imago Dei.

In the care of He who loved us first and best,