Thankful Tuesday’s (#5) – 31 tips I learned that have improved my life

As her blog name reads, Angel always leaves her readers musing. Today’s post contains wonderful tips that she has garnered over the course of her life. Would you believe that nearly all of them if not all I’ve found relatable? Yes! So go go and check her out.

As life goes by, I have realised that we are what we do everyday matter. Self- improvement does not happen at once- It is a step we take every day. …

31 tips I learned that have improved my life

28 thoughts on “Thankful Tuesday’s (#5) – 31 tips I learned that have improved my life

  1. The lessons provided in the post, and on her blog generally are always timely, relatable, relevant and, I should say, divine.
    She delivers inspirational lessons using real life experiences with so much finesse. Her musings are timeless, and will always leave you inspired and filled.

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        1. Short version: the Lord is character shaping me during a difficult time at home. I’m grateful that I get to experience this – actively – instead of walking around grumpy and whiny.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this sis. This is a great list. I actually just finished a devotional about loving those you disagree with so #3 really caught my attention.

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