Thankful Tuesday’s (#3) -The Lord God Is a Sun

Today’s posts comes from Nancy, a wonderful Bible teacher who loves expounding scripture. Nancy’s writings are so thought provoking they will many a times cause you to fall on your knees in obeisance to the One who is worthy of every part of our lives. Please. Please. Take a moment to read how Nancy compares our Lord to the sun, and see how magnificent He truly is.

As I begin drafting this post, it’s Monday afternoon, May 11, and the temperature outside is forty-eight degrees. No, we do not live in the far north…

The Lord God Is a Sun

20 thoughts on “Thankful Tuesday’s (#3) -The Lord God Is a Sun

  1. Wow!! That was beautiful!! I had to have the same mindset back in May (here in Nebraska) because our weather was dreary and too chilly for might liking!! Thanks for sharing that post!

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            1. I’ve been to Jersey City a few times. When we exit NYC we drive through there on our way home. Never heard of Little Falls though. As for Montague, I’ve heard of a college being there but that’s it. Maybe I should visit there to get married 😉


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