Thankful Tuesday’s

Over the course of my blogging journey, I’ve had the privilege of being nominated for so many awards. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to participate in many due to whatever reasons.

I’ve also had many people who have been faithful in supporting the posts made. It’s such a rewarding experience when a post is released from His heart through mine, but there is such added joy such when I read your comments or I see you may have liked the post because it touched your heart in one way.

One evening, while reading a post by a dear blogger and friend, Holy Spirit gave me a nudge. Why not reblog such post to celebrate the fellow blogger (number one) andddddd to bring awareness to their blog?

Two for one deal! 🙌🏾👏🏽

So, for the next few (or many Tuesday’s), I will celebrate a few of my fellow bloggers by reblogging. I encourage you to visit their page and show them some love.

That being said, first up is Marie!

Marie is a faithful servant of the Lord. She texts me every morning at exactly 7:00am to leave me with a verse and thought for the day. If you want to be on her notification list, she will certainly add you.

Marie is in the process of writing a devotional as well. She welcomes your prayers more than anything else.

Today, she reminds us that our Lord is the best Potter and we are all clay being perfected in His hands.

Have you ever worked with clay? The satisfaction of creating something out of a lump of clay as you mold and work with it until you create the vessel…

The Clay Jar

34 thoughts on “Thankful Tuesday’s

  1. I love your concept and am truly humbled that you chose to feature blogwithmarie much less start with it. You are so precious to me my sister and I am so blessed to call you friend. I look forward to seeing what God has for you!💗🙏

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