Jesus, a donkey, and His Father – Part 3

My Big Sister Dawn has done Part 3 to the above series, everyone. Please, please, please go check it out. You will NOT be disappointed.

In this post, she shares with us her thoughts on the above topic and highlights how Matthew 21:1-11 spoke to her heart.

As I read it, I noticed how the following letters “G-O” have such a great impact. I have read and re-read this passage and somehow, these two little letters have not left an impact with me, as they have here in Dawn’s post, thank you big sis.

The Lord is asking us to ‘GO’ to get up off our butts and move. This may not always be a literal thing for some of us, but for many of us, it is. Go-ing speaks to a matter of obedience, a posture of surrender…

Are we listening? Will we obey? Will we truly surrender?

Just in case you missed Parts 1 & 2 by Kelly and Deandra, you can read them HERE. As I read Matthew 21:1-11, the word “GO” that is found in verse two…

Jesus, a donkey, and His Father – Part 3

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