He Says…

As I continue to Relinquish, I feel Holy Spirit admonishing me of the below.

Come – Come to Me you that are weak and burnt out and I will give you rest. Come to Me daughter who is discouraged and you will find the courage to carry on. Come to Me you broken one, I am Your healer.

Rest – Relax. Get rid of the weight you have been carrying and lay on My shoulder dear child. Rest in My promises. Rest in My embrace. Read My Word and find delight there.

Time – I want to be priority in your life. Stop doing doing doing and start being. Live in My presence. Be the vessel of honor I have created you to be. Spend more time in My presence. Quit running thither and yonder and rest in Me. I want to spend quality time with you. I’m tired of the leftovers. I’m tired of you living on the crumbs of My presence. Give Me Your time and see what I can do. What will take you 15 years to accomplish I can do in 5 seconds.

Praise – I inhabit your praises which means when you grumble and complain, I get no joy and am turned off. Praise Me in-spite of the setbacks and watch in amazement at what I will do. Praise Me when you remember all that I have done to the point where you are.

Rise – Get up from your bed of affliction. Rise up from your state of doubt and sorrow. Take your chin off the ground and focus on Me. Remember how Peter ended up sinking when he lost focus of Me, get your eyes back on Me, beloved.

Wait – I know. You are tired of hearing Me tell you to wait. You want it now and waiting feels like forever. That’s the thing though, I live in eternity so I know what forever is like – this season of waiting is not it.

Breaking – I have to break you child so that your will can be conformed to Mine. I have to crush you so that you can die and Christ can live. I have to press you so that the wine My Father has been fermenting and tending for years can ooze out and bless others. You are too prideful. You need to be trained in lessons of humility. You need to drink from the cup I am pouring out for you.

Trust – I want your unconditional trust. Not a part way trust or a trust when you can see your way out. I want ALL of your trust, especially during the seasons of fog. Trusting requires constant surrender. Trusting comes through you devoting time to know who I am and realizing I am your Abba. I love you and want the best for You. I am in control of it all. Trust Me to build your house for the ones who build on their own, will labor in vain.

Enough – I am El Shaddai. I am the God of All-plenty. I am more than enough. I can handle anything that comes your way. Stop trying to figure it all out. You won’t be able to. I control the seas and I control the winds. I am able to say to the sea come no further and to the wind, cease and blow no more.

Reflect – Do not be so quick to forget and move on when I speak. Meditate on My Words and let it regurgitate in Your heart. Do not forget the wonders I have performed. Do not be like the children of Israel who complained so much I had to wipe them out. Reflect on My goodness. Shift your perspective and see only Me.


18 thoughts on “He Says…

  1. Thanks Deandra! The Holy Spirit is truly speaking through you. All of these points are so important and spoke to my heart. Especially Rest, trust, and being broken by God. 💕

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    1. Awwwwww….you’re welcome (though I should be telling you thanks for reminding us(me especially) to learn from Holy Spirit’s Words. How easily I can forget to come, rest, trust, relax….
      Thank You Lord for these truths found in You!

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