Brief thoughts on God’s Sovereignty

Hello friends,

Just a quick thought on God’s Sovereignty…

If our theology is unsound and we do not firmly hold to the truth that God is Sovereign over everything that happens to us, we will end up living a subpar life. By that I mean, instead of living lives filled with joy and trust in our Father, our hearts will become prone to being self righteous, bitter, doubtful, resentful, angry, frustrated, unthankful, unholy, and the list can be filled with other adjectives based on our respective situations.

It is unequivocally imperative that our lens are consistently adjusted and we view our Lord (and His attributes) primarily through the lens of scripture which never strays from the truth that Yahweh is Sovereign. He is unable to lie, can never be defeated, His purposes cannot be thwarted. His plans always prevail.

That being said, we may get sick from time to time, we may end up broke and penniless, we may end up with diverse struggles and attacks from the enemy until our dying day.

Does this mean our God doesn’t know? Absolutely not.

Because our Lord is Sovereign, He knows all things.

What if our loved ones die after we have made countless petitions to our Abba? Does this mean God lost control or take it a step further, He lost the battle? Definitely not.

Our Heavenly Father is Lord over all things.

He has given dominion and authority to His various beings and so as creatures living in a “fallen” and “broken” world, we are not immune to the attacks and upheaval which occur.

Jesus cautioned us that in this world, we will have troubles.

Job told his wife who suggested he curse God that she spoke as a foolish woman. Job understood that both good and bad things were liable to befall him. He chose to trust God through them all.

Jesus at the brink of His death felt the deep sorrow and agony which He would would need to endure (for us). He did not deny the weight He felt and how difficult the whole ordeal was. He however ended His prayer in submission, “Not my will, but thine be done“.

He opted to trust God for the most grueling task. He opted to yield Himself to the hard road ahead. He believed His Father’s will took precedence and He accepted God’s Sovereignty.

Countless other examples are listed in both scripture and other writings by men and women of God who accepted that life would be filled with challenges. They came to grips that on this side of eternity, it would not be a trouble-free journey.

Today, we are reminded to:

Trust God’s Sovereignty.

Trust God is Lord over all.

Trust everything that is befalling you, went through the hands of God first.

Trust that ALL things will work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.


We confess today that life can be rough. At times, it feels so unbearable as we are being crushed, plagued, pushed, pulled, tormented and pressed. Lord, at times the cross we are asked to bear feels so overwhelming. It feels so heavy Lord. We pray that You would grant us with the grace and strength to press on in faith. We ask Lord for the courage to trust Your Sovereignty. Forgive us for doubting Your goodness and Your plans for our lives. Forgive us Abba for leaning onto our own understanding. May we turn to You now that life is hard and keep our hearts focused on You. In Jesus’ name we ask these things. Amen.


15 thoughts on “Brief thoughts on God’s Sovereignty

  1. Thanks Deandra for these words of encouragement and the powerful prayer. I need to remember these things daily. God is Sovereign and is working out His purpose in everything. I’m learning daily to trust Him.

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    1. Amen! My sister, you are most welcome. We both need the reminder to trust our Daddy ALL the time. Our faith is like a muscle, if not tested – it becomes weak and useless 😊

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    1. You are so welcome. I constantly need to remind myself of this truth, especially when things don’t go the way I want them to. You are so correct, it is only in knowing and walking in the truth that we can be made free. What good is only knowing but not living/embracing/walking?? May the Lord continue to reveal Himself to us as we hope in Him. 🙏🏽

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