Life in the Norm

Have you ever had a friend ask you what’s been new in your life? Especially after they have shared that their life has had “major” changes that are taking place.

Do you ever feel as though your response is lacking in weight – as if nothing is going on?

How about that feeling that your life is on a stand still and the only major thing that you can think of is maybe an acquisition of new house or new car a few years back or a surprise call from your child’s school?

I’m going to assume for the sake of not wanting to feel alone in this plight that you have been there.

Many times.

Perhaps you find yourself there even now.

Snap out of it!

Life is happening for you. There is always something to look around and be thankful for. Always.

“Count your many blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.”

Today, a dear friend of mine asked me this after sharing some major life events that have been occurring in her life and then asked me what was new. Usually, I’m stumped and have nothing to report because my worldview has always been a limited one where I seldom see all that God is doing in my life. My response is usually “nothing, same old same old”. You see, I was taking the approach of not appreciating even the very simple things.

Here me out, I’m not telling you to go bragging or exaggerate on what is happening. I’m encouraging you to shift perspective and recognize that life is happening. It may be messy but it sure is beautiful because God is in it.

I’m always home! 23.75 hours a day. I work at home, eat at home, do all my daily living at home. My entire lifestyle revolves around servitude to my family living at home and that’s perfectly okay. Through years of fighting my position at home, I’ve come to graciously accept that God has me exactly where He needs me – at home.

It’s okay to live in the quiet.

It’s okay to not have any chandeliers to swing from or horses to chase around the block.

It’s okay to have a daily routine going on.

Even in the “normal” I have discovered that my God is still doing things.

As I typed my response to my friend, sharing the usual happenings of my life, it surprised me that my life wasn’t stagnant as I would have presumed. Things were happening, even in the norm.

Father, many times I lose focus on all that You are doing. It’s easy for me to become distracted with the happenings of the lives of others and finding myself in a state of discontentment. I pray that You would give me vision to see you in the norm. Shift my perspective and cause me to rejoice and be glad in whatever position You have placed me in. Grant me joy in the midst of the storms, Lord. Help me Lord to focus on You knowing You are my exceedingly great reward. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


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