The devil challenged Yahweh twice regarding Job’s faithfulness. With each series of challenges, Job proved that he was committed to God, to the very end. Though Job mourned, felt ill-treated and even abandoned, He still believed in God. The plan of the enemy was to have Job curse God, to have him blaspheme and doubt God’s goodness and His love. Job did neither. He held on to his faith in his God knowing that God allows both bad and good. Job even worshipped when the going got really tough.

The scripture doesn’t tell us if the Adversary went back to God and said “aha, there is a faithful man”, it doesn’t tell if the enemy of our souls did a double take when he saw that Job didn’t serve God merely because of things, or because of his health. Job served God because He was God.

As a kid would say, “Take that devil – in your face”.

May we be like Job to hold onto God not for the things that comes from His hands, but simply because we want to hold His hands.

Love you, Abba!



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