This Mouth!

I’m not going to even ask if you have ever blurted out something and regretted it, because I am sure the times are far too many to count.

I’m not going to ask whether you felt okay with doing the blurting, no siree.

David said in Psalm 140:3, “Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips!”

Today, I want to add to that prayer request and say “God, make me temporarily dumb when I get caught up using my tongue incorrectly.”

You see, speaking ill against someone (even if it is relaying what they did) has a way of making me feel ill.

Here’s the example, my family and I played host to a family friend who turned out to be, not who we expected. This friend exhibited behaviors that daily – and no, I am not exaggerating when I say daily – left us scratching our heads and wondering “what tha…!”

When I first noticed these actions, sure, my mind was boggled but when they were verbally pointed out to me by my family, my mouth began joining the posse in “sharing information” betwixt each other.

At first, my sharing left me feeling uneasy and Holy Spirit gave me a warning; now after my sharing last night, I feel queasy to say the least. My heart feels burdened and my soul feels as if it has been stained by grime.

You see, the issue that bothers me most is that I shared some “knowledge” with my son who still has not surrender his heart to God and so as a result, I am the Bible he daily reads. With my “insight” and then my “friendly actions” to our person of newfound interest, I have simply put, become a hypocrite.

The Bible expressively cautions us about the tongue and it being unruly. The issue though that many fail to realize is that the tongue speaks from the abundance of the heart and so if the heart is not transformed by the renewing of the Word, the tongue will not speak things that are true, godly, virtuous and of a good report.

Father, I confess that I have a way of letting my tongue run wild. Instead of using it to always glorify You, my tendency is to use it to glorify myself. Forgive me for my proud and selfish ways. Forgive me for not guarding my heart with Your Word. I surrender my life to You, and ask that You would renew my mind, my heart and my mouth. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


One thought on “This Mouth!

  1. I’m confounded, thanks for this timely Rhema
    I must confess that I’ve not always let the words of my mouth and the
    Meditation of my heart be acceptable to you Lord
    Thanks so much for this beautiful writing

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