“End it with a praise”

From the time conception in the womb occurs you can be guaranteed two things: death and trouble. Job said it best “Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble.” As the years of life unfold, we begin facing trouble of all sorts. Trouble in our family lives. Trouble in our marriages. Trouble in our churches. Trouble in our schools. Trouble in the community and don’t even get me started on trouble with our jobs. Trouble. Trouble. Trouble.

 The Apostle Paul must have understood these challenges well when he declared “We are hard pressed on every side” or as the NASB translation puts it “We are afflicted in every way.”

So what do we do when the pressures of the Jordan River swell up?  What do we do when we are surrounded by mountains on either side of us while being chased by vicious enemies? What do we do when it seems like the only Rock we can lean on shifts His position and moves away? We do what David did (eventually) – We praise.

The Scripture showed us many of David’s writings in which he shared deep, gut-wrenching-raw emotions. He expressed feeling abandoned, rejected, forgotten, neglected, betrayed, alone, afraid, discouraged, downtrodden and so many other emotions you would think a man after God’s own heart should not experience. There were times his writings gave the impression he was so completely overwhelmed with life’s various challenges he was ready for his “transfer” to a new world.

As we read on we are able to formulate this conclusion: In spite of these feelings David never failed to reaffirm his trust and confidence in the same One he voiced his frustrations to. In fact, we can see in scripture where he always ended his venting times if you may, declaring his continuous trust in God.  He made sure to pronounce his trust and faith in God’s unfailing and unwavering hands. He firmly declared with complete confidence that he served a father who was able to fix the broken pieces and bring restoration to areas that were in need of repair.  

Ending with a praise gives us perspective and causes us to be reminded of the goodness of God. We are able to shift our focus from the things that trouble us and give our undivided attention to the Only One who can deliver us. We become reminded of the things that God has done for us and are encouraged to look ahead for the things He can do.  

Prayer: Father, help me to end my statements about life issues with a praise. May your praises continually remain on my lips even when I feel so overwhelmed with life’s challenges and issues and yes, the troubles that arise on a daily basis. May I never lose sight of the fact that You who were Faithful to deliver David are still Faithful and able to see me through my issues. Teach me Lord how to put my trust in you. Teach me how to wait on you. Help me never lose sight that  you will see me through.


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