Whose Time?

“Can you pick me up from work”?

“Can you get my prescription at the pharmacy”?

“Can you swing by the library”?

“Can you take care of dinner tonight”?

“Can you take me to the ER”?

“Can we go shopping for grandma’s birthday”?

The above are just a few questions I was asked in less than two (2) hours by my relatives; all while I was still at work.

All these questions bombarding my mind made me feel tired, irritable even.

“Isn’t anyone else available to run errands”?

“Can’t someone else pick up the dinner duty”?

“Why me”? “Jeez”!

Yes, those are the responses that ended up flowing through my mind as I began registering all that was requested of me and how my time was being divided in all directions sans considering all my “personal” goals and obligations.

As in most cases when I need to vent, I began pouring my heart out to Abba to let Him know how overwhelmed and tense I was feeling.

“Why me”? I murmured.

“Don’t they realize I’m tired after a long shift at work”?

“Do they not know I have an exam in two weeks”?

As only He can respond, ” Why not you?”

Abba say what!!

…Pause in my mental tracks…

“You surrendered your life to Me. Your life consists of your time. This time constitutes serving your family, the one I gave to you.”

Can you imagine the look that was placed on my face? (Go on, try)

My ranting ceased and I bowed my head in repentance and thanksgiving.

Abba really knows how to bring perspective to whiner such as me. He knows how to quiet my troubled heart, still my raging emotions, flood my soul with peace and leave me speechless even. He knows how to gently nudge me away from selfish and proud thoughts (iron hand clothed in velvet).

My friend, you too may feel as though you are being pulled in every which direction. You may feel as though you can’t get a breather, “can’t catch a break” as the phrase goes. Run or take some steps to Abba. Tell Him all about it, and pause to listen.

We tend to focus on Mary sitting by Jesus’ feet doing nothing except listening which we use at times to justify our laziness but I’m here to remind you that God expects us to serve others, especially those He has entrusted in our care.

Father, help us to turn to You for directions. May we not be arrogant to believe we are all-sufficient. Forgive us for serving grudgingly and even grumpily at times. Teach us to be sacrificial. Help us to also strike a balance, to have a little of Mary and Martha even. Thank You for Your trustworthy leadership of our lives. We commit our cares and plans to You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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